When will this shit end?? Oh, right, when people quit paying places to see these animals. SMH

Best wishes to you all!

A positive and good story to read before the end of 2013


Patents are important for people to benefit from inventing stuff, but the US Patent Office has been awarding patents to trolls who never invented crap

Learn about patent trolls: TomoNews | YouTube


Normally, I can’t stand Russell Brand longer than a minute, but he got my full attention for 10 minutes in this…

This is heartbreaking.

SeaWorld referring to their parks as zoological settings is laughable. The problem with their claim is that you don’t see animals at zoos performing tricks for food. You go see that kind of shit at a circus. 

They also say Blackfish is unfair and unbalanced. Maybe these SeaWorld people should take a hard look at their documents and give us a true, accurate, fair and balanced account about their business venture. SeaWorld is not squeaky clean.  

Furthermore, I guess we should overlook the negative aspects of keeping a 12,000+ pound whale in what is a fish bowl to them for the “good” that SeaWorld does. Really?? That’s like a toxic individual telling you to overlook their abusive behavior because they pay for your dinner and entertainment. PUH-LEASE! GTFO! :eyeroll:

A must watch for anyone who has visited a water park like SeaWorld.


Asshole of the Day, October 21, 2013: Jim Inhofe

by TeaPartyCat ()

As Obamacare rolls into its first week without the distraction of the government shutdown and debt ceiling going on, every asshole has an opinion about Obamacare, whether informed or not.

Just the other day Sean Hannity got caught bringing “real Americans” on his show to show how bad Obamacare was, and it turned out one was lying and the other two hadn’t bothered to check out the new law and were just repeating what they’d heard on Fox News. Yes, that happened.

And so now Sen. James Inhofe is claiming he would have died under Obamacare for lack of treatment:

The 79-year-old suggested that if he had been in a part of the world with “socialized medicine like Obama is trying to impose upon America,” the operation never would have happened.

“A person can find out, here in the U.S., that he has this emergency situation where he has got to have immediate heart surgery. And if you are in a country other than the U.S., a lot of them, you can’t get it done. In my case, with my age, that would have been about a six-month wait. Because I hadn’t had a heart attack,” he said.

No, it doesn’t work that way. Under Obamacare he would be treated, and his insurance company would cover it.

And let’s just stop right here and say that Obamacare is NOT socialized medicine. It is private insurance with subsidies to those who can’t afford it. Socialized medicine describes single-payer systems, like, say, Medicare, which many of the GOP’s voters are dependent on. Or socialized medicine can even mean a system of state-run hospitals and clinics, like, say, the Veterans Administration. Obamacare is a long way from either of those.

Of course Sen. Inhofe is 79 years old, so he’s probably on Medicare, and it would seem that socialized medicine didn’t fail to keep an asshole like him alive to continue spouting nonsense.

It is Sen. Jim Inhofe’s first time as Asshole of the Day, though he nearly won for claiming federal help for tornado victims in his home state of Oklahoma (which he requested) was “totally different” from federal aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy (which he voted against).

Full story: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/what-inhofe-doesnt-get-about-obamacare

For a satirical look at the GOP and Obamacare, check out my post at WinkProgress: Apostolic Care: The GOP Replacement For Obamacare.

“It’s really hard for me to feed my two kids and struggle day to day,” she shouted as Stratton was speaking. “Do you think this is fair, that I have to be making $8.25 when I’ve worked for McDonald’s for ten years?”

“I’ve been there for forty years,” Stratton replied from the podium.


Wow. The fuckin’ nerve to compare himself to her.  Sure, he’s worked at McD’s 40 years, but not at $8.25! Asswipe. You’ll get yours one day.